Dr.R.K.Srivastava (Doctor)

Dr.R.K.Srivastava is a M.B.B.S.,M.S.(Optho) by profession.
When he visited in Lakshay for the general check-up of children on request of Principal. He felt so impressed by seing the noble cause done by the members of Lakshay with purity. So by seing their hard work he also decided to support and help them out with the medical care of such children. Since last 15 years he is connected with the centre.


Mr. G.Manivachagam is practicing naturopathy since 1985(Accupressure), which is an art of healing the pain and physical & mental related issues with no side effect. Which gives the better result and cures the maximam problem related to this feild.

While seing this particular NGO (LAKSHAY), working on such noble cause. He happily joined his hands with them and started helping them with the perfection of his therapy for the betterment of such special childen. With no demand and any expectation he is still devoting his time to the Lakshay since last 10 years.

Mr.Kimti Lal (Administration Head)

Mr.Kimti Lal was working as a technician and owning a good businesss. But working so many years in his field he never satisfied himself with his work. Then a proposal from Mrs.Chanchal came for being a part of Lakshay for the "Operational Head", to look after all the rquirement of Lakshay. Then seing a positive attitude of Mrs.Chanchal towards her life and listening to her views, he thought that this is something special and he would be very greatful to work for such noble cause.

He accepted her proposal and started working as an "Administrator Head" of the Lakshay wo looks after each and every expenditure, financial expenses, pay-roll and need of the NGO. Which makes him so satisfied that without concerning about any profit or loss he is working with full devotion.
He is connected to the Lakshay since the Lakshay has started working on these Special Children. He also devotes his time to the childen/students of Lakshay involving them in physical activities like outdoor games, allowing participation in programs of other NGO's for the competition etc.

Mrs.Rekha Vohra

Mrs.Rekha Vohra is a professional astrologer, Tarot Card Reader, animal Activist and also a social worker.

She feels close to nature, so she wanted to thanks God for all his kindness. With her polite and kind nature she accepted and started her profession in such manner.

Being a social worker, she visited this NGO where noble cause for special children is going on. So she decided and with the acquiescence of Mrs.Chanchal, she joined her hands with Lakshay & started working as a Councillor, so that she can interact with the children and provide them a good enviroenment along with the positive energy.

Mr.Himanshu (Co-ordinator & Social Worker)

Mr. Himanshu Singh is a Graduate in Journalism & Mass communication .
He was working as taking his experience as a Fundraiser, Social Media Marketer & Event Organizer in different firms.
Being a Event Organizer he visited this NGO as to request for Internship. But when he realized that the noble cause is being going in the centre from the purity.

Then, he requested the members of Lakshay and with their permission he started and devoting his time with Lakshay as Fundraiser & Coordinator so that he can make awareness in people & help Lakshay in growing.

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